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So what had inspired me to research this area? Kim Kardashians Paper magazine cover was enough for me to question the outcome of a magazine cover that broke the internet. Whilst she was showing off her assets, I started to question how normalised and comfortable we have become with sex being in the media. With celebs such as the Kardashians being in the public eye so much, I was interested to find out how many people felt comfortable with seeing these kinds of images around us, when at one point this kind of imagery would only be seen on the top shelf of a magazine rack (if you know what I mean.)

The media is one of the most influential outlets today, and with the numerous ways for an individual to access it is always gaining our attention. From the numerous reality shows, to the risqué music videos, people are subconsciously accepting that sexualisation in the media is of the norm.

It seems very obvious that men and womens’ roles in society are portrayed in the media and are shown to us from a very young age. The ideology of what both men and women should look like is causing the general public to buy into an unrealistic lifestyle.

We all know that the media has it way with us whether we admit it or not, but the celebrities who are constantly being shown to us could arguably be a product themselves. If you’re one who watches Keeping up with the Kardashians or The Real housewives of Beverly Hills, you could understand when I say the audience idolise and even to an extent emulate the lifestyle of these characters.

I think that whether they realise it or just don’t pay attention to it, these celebrities are idolised by their consumers. If they look or act a certain way, their fans will want to do the same, if they are using certain products, again their fans will also want the same.

Lets have a look at an example…

Kylie Jenner over the past year or so I’d say has caught more media attention then a most 18 year old celebrities normally do. Like the rest of her family, she has been highly admired for her looks and indulgence into high fashion products. Okay it’s fair enough to say that if you can afford it I’m sure we would do the same. But for the majority of the middle class, these aren’t items that we can afford to buy on a regular basis. Going back to her looks now, after she admitted to getting her lips done, a trend (a stupid one nonetheless) had emerged, getting one to many people on board. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge? If you haven’t heard of this, you clearly have a lot more going on in your life then the rest of us. However here is a link to a compilation of all the buffoon’s who thought it was a smart idea.

[note that the video is 10minutes long and is called the lip challenge fail comp] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp_YVgyt37g

My point is, these characters we have constantly in the public eye have more power then they realise when it comes to influencing peoples behaviour.

kim kardashian

To be able to successfully research the problem, I will also have to be able to understand the media outlets which are the main influencers to the public.

So throughout the duration of me posting on this blog, you will be able to see my process of researching the following topics:

  • Social medias influence 
  • How it may be effecting the upcoming generations perceptions 
  • An older generations views, has it become to normalised?
  • Pressure on men & women from the media – do they feel as though they have to look a certain way to be deemed pretty by society.
  • The publics views on sex being in the media and though they are aware of it, do they still buy into it?
  • Case studies on brands who fit into this subject

Also posting anything I find interesting enough to share on here.

Blah to you soon