LYNX will get you girls

If it could only be that easy for you guys out there, spray some deodorant on yourself and watch the women flock… would sell for more then £2.50 though if it was true. In their advertisements, the underlining message is by using their product you will get girls.

Many of the Lynx commercials have a sense of humour along side an average guy, followed by numerous female characters, and looking at their target audience I can understand why this would work. Lets have a look at an example.

So the video shows a number of fallen angels descending to the ground, in which they are all walking in one direction. As I would expect everyone to behave, if you saw a fallen angel, the locals are admiring them as they continue to collectively walk in one direction. Finally we see the man who was smart enough to use the deodorant in awe as all the angels start to approach him. The reason this advert is one I felt to use was for the fact that the male role wasn’t a stereotypical masculine figure, it shows the male consumers that you could be an average guy but still receive the main goal from using this product, the main goal being to land the hot girl(s) in the end. I might ad that the use of Air – Sexy Boy being sang oh so angelic wasn’t enough to interpret the message.



In this ad, it shows the love story of a man and women in various scenarios trying to reach each other, however life gets in the way. It shows a number of different eras in which they get separated before they meet. Though, as we have with any love story, it ends with the guy getting the girl simply by using AXE (which is the american version of LYNX).

One more?

This is one LYXN/AXE’s adverts and suprinsingly breaks away from what we expect to see. The ad disregards all the typical male stereotypes that mainstream media showcases and tells men to embrace what they have. Can’t really put a downer on an advert promoting self confidence can I? There isn’t to much to compare it to when looking at their previous campaigns, the consistency has been kept by showing men that they will get the attention of women from using their products. Let me shed some light on what I’m trying to say, though the message is use our products and you’ll get women, it is shown that by using their products you’ll show confidence by embracing what you have. Then you’ll get the girl. The tongue and cheek used when referring to what they have reinforces the confidence they are trying to encourage with a secondary meaning if you know how to read between the lines.




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