Gaming Vixens

It is apparent that female characters in the worlds gaming industry are over-sexualised. The leading roles, majority of the time are men, whilst the female characters will take more of a back seat. The characters that are shown throughout games are usually big, macho men who are ready to fight some sort of battle. The women are supporting characters, most of the time shown wearing near to nothing. The gaming industry is guilty of portraying the male and female stereotypes, and then some.


Playing video games myself growing up a few stick out in particular that leave me puzzled when trying to understand why they look so sexual. Surely the minimum amount of clothes won’t help them whilst they’re in combat with the other characters. I’m pretty sure we all remember Lara Croft – Tomb Raider, even with the lack of high definition features in the game it was pretty obvious that Lara Croft was a sexy ass character. What was the appeal? A woman with overly large boobs, tight abs and the longest legs was in search for ancient artefacts… whilst carrying a gun. It could be due to the fact that the hot characters are involved in an action filled adventure, which will no doubt attract even more of a male audience then usual.

The issue that we have here is that there is a massive consumer base for gamers, though some of us may question the way characters are portrayed within the game,  it doesn’t (and I’m sure won’t) stop product purchase.


Hardcore gamer and fan of League of Legends, Dorrani who has started making gaming videos on his YouTube channel shared his thoughts on the subject matter…

“When talking about oversexualisation in games it comes down to the simplest answer more often than not with a few variables, The main answer being sex sells but if you look at the bigger picture psychologically it goes way deeper. The developers of these games know who their customers are, Stereotypically male loners who lack interaction with the opposite sex. so the dev’s pray on these customers giving them a virtual taste of what a set of bouncing breasts or a tight bum in combat gear up close would look like. Talk to any gamer over the age of 20 and they’ll tell you running joke the developers of the Lara Croft tomb raider games seem to have where in every game her breasts seemed to grow larger. Back then(1996) I personally couldn’t understand the fascination with Lara’s breasts in the game because the technology back then was not even possible to make them realistic enough. With the current tech developers now possess, depending on the studio that makes the game anyone’s wildest imagination can become a reality. These girls can be one man’s greatest fantasy with a sexy face, the most eye catching figure wearing the tightest costume with breasts that are spilling out the top. Graphics and CGI are at an all time high with people questioning some of the in game footage and mistaking it for real life, customers will get attached to these lifelike CGI females in game replaying certain levels just to see side boob over and over again.”





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