Playboys First Non-Nude Issue


Image if Playboy stopped producing nude images. Well they have in fact announced that as of March 2016 (that will be released in Feb) they will no longer be photographing their models, celebrities and playmates naked. A Playboy post was released explaining the reasons everyone is asking, why?

“When Hef created Playboy, he set out to champion personal freedom and sexual liberty at a time when America was painfully conservative. See: any popular movie, TV show or song from that era. Nudity played a role in the conversation about our sexual liberties, and over 62 years the country made great strides politically and culturally.” Fair enough…

The images that have been put out so far feature model Sarah McDaniel in a range of “candid” shots that suggest they have been taken as selfies.

This new form of advertising however, will most definitely apply to the millennials, which could be part of the problem. McDaniels had said “the idea was to look at me from a boyfriend’s perspective”. With an app such as snapchat being so popular to a particular demographic, to them (and myself) these images could be portrayed as a couple of naughty selfies. I’m not necessarily saying that it will be the stand alone reason for an increase in inappropriate images seen on snapchat, but I think that it normalises them a little bit more then what they should be. With 45% of Playboy viewers being 18-25, this could be another example of how consumer have a fascination with teen sexuality and for it to be mishandled.

With Hugh Hef taking a stand in his own way towards the conservative US, he has helped to break down the barriers and allowed consumers to express their sexual liberties. Though the Sarah McDaniels issue is the first to come of many in the future, I’m not exactly sure what this would mean for Playboy as a business. Will the lack of nudity and photoshopped images have consumers edging for something a bit more raunchy or will the millennials simply have an appreciation for the new found image that is now Playboy?


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