The Music Industry – How is it influencing you?

It’s proven that children can pick up things far easier then adults, growing up they have the ability to absorb and digest information fairly quickly. With this, I wanted to look further into how the music industry is alternating the perceptions and behaviour of the millennial. More specifically, if the over sexualised artists are encouraging any types of these behavioural changes.

I think we could relate it back to the Chameleon effect, mirroring somebodies mannerisms. Of course when we take an interest in an artist you end up buying into the whole package, suddenly you want to get a similar hair cut or buy an item of clothing that they were wearing. These are also promoted in various forms of media, ‘where to buy an affordable version of Rihanna’s outfit’ or something along those lines.

Artists create catchy beats which will make their way to mainstream media and have us singing along to a song without understanding the lyrics completely.

There are many artists within the music industry portraying a glamorous side to exploiting yourself in order to be attractive. These are the women we see in todays music videos; and because they gain the attention of these men, we feel as though we have to physically be on a similar level in order to attract someone of their status. From their attitudes to their dress sense to understanding the lyrics of the latest hit at the moment, there are many aspects which could be taken into consideration when claiming the music industry to be over sexualised.

I could honestly tell you that I’ve sang along to a 50 Cent song (Candy Shop) when it was first released, word for word but not understanding what is being insinuated.

“I’ll take you to the candy shop
I’ll let you lick the lollipop
Go ‘head girl, don’t you stop
Keep going ’til you hit the spot”

It’s not until curiosity gets the better of you before that you look into the meaning of what it is you’re actually sining. You always have an idea but don’t understand it completely. It’s catchy songs such as this that will make it onto TV and have you singing all kinds of  aloud.

Kanye West, a house hold name and highly respected artists not only in the music industry but now heading towards fashion also, an influential man I could even say. He is a character in which the media thrives off. Kanye would be just one example of someone who has made being a full time stripper into an example of how to get rich, get a rapper and get famous into a doable thing; for those of you who don’t know who I’m referring to, it would be Amber Rose. Not only has he made the lifestyle of a stripper look appealing but him as well as others have made it look achievable. If you fit the profile, you may have a chance to fit the boots of personalities such as Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.

With over 14million followers between them they most definitely have gained the appeal of the public eye.



The documentary Sexy Baby looks at the digital age and the main sources that they find are deteriorating the innocence of the the first generation to the digital age. It follows the life of a stripper and part t

ime porn star, a plastic surgeon patient and a 12 year old girl to research how the two industries effect the life of the teenage girl. Surprisingly there is more to blame on strippers/porn stars then I would have anticipated. It was discussed by another teenage character (13years old) how she believes that “every girl wants to be sexy… and a guy telling you that makes your day”. The documentary highlights how living up to the males perpective of whats ideal is what young girls are aspiring to, this being due to actresses in the adult industry actively showing an unrealistic portrayal of women.


A lot of female artists have said that they are free to express their sexuality and don’t necessarily consider themselves as role models. They’re free to act however they please, which is true, but need to understand that even though they could be targeting an older audience, anything is accessible to them through devices that over 75% of the world all own.

The video below shows a number of examples of how prominent sexualised behaviour is in music.


I feel as though the main issue would be the behaviour executed by celebrities more so then the music they produce. If a young teen was to admire someone who then decided to become a sex symbol within their industry, it’s only right to believe that the teen would obtain some of these habits as a fan.

An example of this would be “twerking”this has literally taken over the entertainment industry and has become an ongoing trend. If you’re interested in examples as to how this has infiltrated the behaviours of consumers, you could refer to my ASSets post, which shows a few examples.



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